Thursday, April 28, 2011

Celebrate "Be Kind to Animals" Week

Be Kind to Animals Week

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May 1-7, 2011 is national Be Kind to Animal Week. Since 1915, the American Humane Association has dedicated one week every year to celebrate the ways that animals benefit our lives, and to promote our kindness to them in return.

Every year that this week rolls around, I wonder why we need a Be Kind to Animals Week. Is the week meant to be a celebration of our successes in protecting animals? Or is it meant to be a reminder that we need to consider our actions toward other living creatures? Maybe it also serves as a reminder to be kind to people, too.

As we remember our furry, feathered and even scaly friends for the first week of May, I encourage all of us to do one new thing to show kindness to animals. Maybe we decide to volunteer in a new way. Maybe we decide to contact a legislator about animal protection laws. Maybe we take a stand against animal cruelty, dog fighting or inhumane farming. Or maybe we decide to look at our relationship with our own pets and make our homes more compassionate.

I invite all of you to share your ideas for improving kindness toward animals on our AARF Facebook page. Together, we can make a world where every pet matters!

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