Monday, January 24, 2011

Recognizing Animal Cruelty and Neglect in Our Community

Will 2011 be remembered as a cruel year? So far, it seems to be. We have had more emails and phone calls about animal cruelty and neglect than we have ever had.

Unfortunately, this increase is not unexpected. We are trying to emerge from one of the worst economic times we have ever seen. We continue to be mired in two wars. We see constant reports of violence and cruelty in the news and entertainment. We live in a culture where stress is high and violence is often tolerated, and sometimes even glorified.

It is not surprising that more animals are being abused and neglected. They are literally the voiceless victims. For people who need to feel important and powerful, pets in their homes and on the streets are easy targets.

There is absolutely no excuse for animal cruelty and neglect. And we should not tolerate it in our community. Recently, a group of neighbors rallied to fight for justice for a stray cat who was a victim of cruelty by a man who followed his act by publicly bragging about his act. (See the original news story about the case here.) The actions of the citizens who care about this single cat are standing up and demanding that animal cruelty not be tolerated.

Do you know the signs of animal cruelty and neglect? Do you know what to do when you witness cruelty? Learn more about recognizing and reporting animal cruelty here. Visit our Facebook page and share your own ideas on preventing and stopping animal cruelty and neglect in your own community.

You are their voice. Speak loudly.

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