Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Help Stop "The Michael Vick Project"

Convicted dog fighter Michael Vick is being rewarded again for his behavior. He is now starring in "The Michael Vick Project," a reality show based on him and his return to the NFL. This show only exists because Vick bankrolled a dog fighting ring and personally participated in the torture and killing of dogs who didn't perform up to standards. If he was just a regular NFL quarterback without the dog fighting conviction, he certainly would not have been offered this show. So, he is, in effect, being rewarded for being a convicted felon and animal abuser.

I am disappointed in BET for producing and airing this show. But no matter our level of protests, I don't think they'll stop airing it.

But we can stop the show by stopping the advertising during the show. Letters of concern have already convinced Denny's to pull its ads off the air during the show. Your letters, emails and phone calls can convince other sponsors to pull their ads, too. With no advertising support, BET would have no option but to pull the show.

Your two minute email can make a difference. Please email, write or call the sponsors below and ask them to stop advertising during "The Michael Vick Project."

Nivea - http://www2.nivea.com/preview/preview_popup.php?mid=0&target=/services/faqs/faq_intro.php

Broadview Security (formerly Brinks Security) - http://www.broadviewsecurity-home.com/contactus.htm


Susan Leisure said...

An update - Nivea has responded to my email that they have also pulled advertising from "The Michael Vick Reality Project."

Anonymous said...

Pizza Hut responded that they pulled their ads. Thanks everyone!

Susan Leisure said...

A response from Bally's Fitness:

" Bally Total Fitness shares your concern regarding advertising on "The Michael Vick Project" and we have blocked all future advertising during this program. We never intended to support this show and any Bally Total Fitness commercial seen during this programming was not placed in support of this program. Advertising is placed on the BET network to air during a broad rotation of hours based upon audience criteria. As a result, the Bally Total Fitness advertisement was broadcast during this program.

Bally Total Fitness
Member Support Center"

Susan Leisure said...

Nationwide and Applebee's have pulled out, also.

Susan Leisure said...

A response from Dave and Buster's:

"Hello Susan,

We hope this finds you well. We read your blog regarding the recent news surrounding the Michael Vick Show and the brands that were positioned within the show's advertising pods.

We appreciate your posting and would like to relay to you and your readers that Dave & Buster's does not sponsor the show and is no way affiliated with it. We do advertise on the BET network, who is aligns well with a portion of our demographic, but have now institued tighter guidelines regarding when our spots air.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or would like to discuss further. Best wishes to you and your organization.

The Dave and Buster's team."

Susan Leisure said...

The official response from Nationwide:

February 16, 2010

Nationwide OCR Ref # 2107091

Dear Susan:

Nationwide does not sponsor the Michael Vick program, and does not endorse the series in any manner.

Nationwide does however, purchase advertising on cable television, including BET.

As part of a rotation of commercials on BET, our commercial did air during the premier of the Michael Vick show without our knowledge.

Upon learning this, Nationwide took immediate action to assure our commercials will no longer air during the Michael Vick show.


Lyndale Allison
Nationwide Insurance
Customer Relations