Friday, July 24, 2009

Go the Extra Mile for Homeless Pets!

A $1 bill in your wallet may not go very far these days, but it can really go the distance for homeless pets. Help Atlanta Animal Rescue Friends raise a FULL mile of dollar bills, with all the proceeds going to support our Foster Program and Silver Paws Program by the end of2009!

We know in this current time, thousands of pets are the unseen and unheard victims of economic hardship. The number of pets in need is increasing every day, while the resources and spaces are dwindling.Look around your own streets and you’ll see the need. Visit a county shelter, and you will be overwhelmed by the desperate faces that plea for help behind the bars of the cages.

We need your help to save morelives! Since a $1 bill is approximately 6 inches long, we will need10,560 bills to raise a mile of money. You can help us save more lives,one step at a time ($4 per step). And you will have the opportunity toremember your pet or a loved one with every step along the way. We’lltrack the progress on our website, and every person who takes a stepwith us (with a minimum $4 donation) will be listed on the site. Thetop finisher who completes the most steps will be recognized when wereach our goal.

Ideas to donate:

1) Save your $1 bills for a month. Keep $1 from yourchange in restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, etc. At the end ofthe month, contact AARF to pick up your envelope of “steps.”

2) Keep ajar of change for a month, and at the end of the month, visit a coinprocessing machine at your local grocery store. You’ll be amazed howmany “steps” you can help us take with the coins in your pocket.

3)Transfer one “step” into a savings account with each paycheck. At theend of the year, you will have taken several “steps” toward the mile.

4) Make a commitment to donate one step per week online.

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