Thursday, February 12, 2009

Take action in Georgia!

We at AARF work most diligently to address the problem of pet overpopulation here in Georgia, and to help the dogs and cats in Atlanta who are homeless as a result of lack of education, lack of owner responsibility and lack of spay/neuter. But, that doesn't mean that the other pets don't matter. They do, and this is a time when our feathered friends need your help.

We have made great strides in legislation against dog fighting in Georgia. Unfortunately, other types of animal fighting, including cock fighting, have been left out of legislation in order to avoid upsetting certain constituencies. Finally, in this year's legislature, a serious and comprehensive anti-cock fighting bill has been introduced.

We need your help to support this bill through the legislative process. Have no doubt that those opposing this bill are very vocal, and often have strong connections to their representatives. Their voices were strong enough to get the cock fighting measures deleted from the dog fighting legislation recently passed.

Any type of entertainment that involves the exploitation of animals is not entertainment at all. Help stop cock fighting in Georgia. Take action today.

Learn more about cock fighting and what you can do to help by visiting the links below:

Georgia Legal Professionals for Animals
Humane Society Anti-Cock Fighting Campaign
Georgia House Bill 109

Please don't assume that you don't need to act because everyone else will. They won't. And if you don't either, more will suffer because of your inaction.

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